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I am here to serve your birth and postpartum Doula and Aromatherapy needs. I offer non-medical support for you, your spouse, and your baby. This includes informational, emotional and physical support before and through labor, and also the postpartum time. Each family is different and every birth is unique, so needs vary. I will be your flexible help and support.

I am a certified professional birth and postpartum Doula through Madriella Doula Network and a certified Aromatherapist through Brilliant Birth Academy. I would love to serve you through your childbearing year. My goal for you is that you’re more confident and empowered to make informed decisions, so that you are the coach of your own birth and postpartum period.

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My services can be personally tailored to your unique needs. We will sit and discuss all things, and together we will come up with a plan. All meetings and prenatal visits are well suited for you and your birth partner, so both of you can learn and make informed decisions together.

Doulas have been proven to increase positive birth and postpartum outcomes and it would be my joy to help improve yours.

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