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What is the Cascade of Interventions?

The cascade of interventions is just that; a domino effect of procedures and added machines that can get in the way of the birthing experience you want.

Let’s start with the idea about being induced. Your caregiver may give you the option nicely (and sometimes just tells you) that you should be induced. I would say that most inducted births that I’ve had the opportunity to hear about have not gone well. In a nut shell, here’s what happens:

  • You arrive at the hospital, not in labor or in pre-early labor
  • They say, “we’ll, give you Pitocin to start or speed things along.” Did they do a Bishop’s Score?*
  • After you’ve labored in a non-natural way for a while, which causes extra pain, an epidural or other pain relief will most likely be administered
  • Being confined to your bed (due to pain relief) labor slows down
  • More Pitocin is given to push labor along
  • Therefore more pain relief is given. See the circle?
  • As you have been given medications to “help” labor, most likely a baby monitor is strapped onto your belly
  • Now it’s time to push. You can’t push instinctively because of the epidural. Your caregiver is telling you when to push, and your risk of tearing is higher
  • Then the caregiver says that baby isn’t coming fast enough and doesn’t have good heart tones
  • Now either you receive an episiotomy, to have a vacuum or a forceps delivery; Or you are rushed to the O.R. For an emergency C-section

The cascade of interventions isn’t something to take lightly. God created you to birth your baby with the help of natural hormones. I’m not saying that having medical help is bad, but you do need to think about all the out comes before deciding what is best for you.

*See next blog about the Bishop’s Score

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