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The Bishop Score

What is the Bishop Score? This score helps determine how close you are to going into labor. It was introduced to the birthing world in 1964, but has just recently been being used before inductions. It is important to know that if you’re going to be induced, how likely that induction will be successful. An unsuccessful induction, most likely will lead to a c-section, and nobody wants that.

The Bishop Score gives us a good answer to whether being induced is a good idea or not. It’s simple, the higher the score the better the outcome, and the lower the score, the less chance that the induction will be successful. One thing to remember is that, if you have a super high score, labor and delivery are imminent anyway.

These are what you are scored on when using this technique:

  • Dilation of cervix
  • Effacement of cervix
  • Consistency of cervix
  • Placement of cervix
  • Station of baby

A score of 5 or less is a low score, and a score of 8 or more is a decent score and being induced would most likely have a decent outcome. See the chart below.

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