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I am a christian Doula who is following my calling and passion. I have a love for moms, babies and new families. I want to serve you and help you navigate this special and sometimes trying time. It is a precious time, both physically and emotionally, and should be seen as a once in a lifetime opportunity to share how amazing a woman’s body is (even if this is your 5th baby or more).

Every birth is different and unique.
My goal is to empower moms and dads to learn how to advocate for what they believe is the best choice for them and their baby. I believe God created women to birth babies and if we let the natural process happen and trust in Him we will find the power to birth the way He intends for each of us individually.

The art of labor support is an older ideal that is making it’s way back into the United States. Good thing too, because the benefits have certainly shown themselves true. Doulas help lower the risk of pain medication interventions by 30%
Doulas help lower the risk of c-sections by 20%
Doulas help shorten labor by 25%
Studies have even found higher numbers. These are just the most common.

I am a certified professional birth and postpartum Doula; I have also been certified and trained in the safety of aromatherapy during the childbearing year and would love to serve you as an aromatherapist.

Let’s Doula This!

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